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      Comedy that can impress you without any doubts, comedy that will make you believe in real friendship and brotherhood, love and loyalty and many others important things. Perfect Strangers will tell you a story of two completely different guys that brothers by blood and by mind, you will love the chemistry between them and how they care about each other. One of the most popular and interesting comedies in the history, with fascinating plot, extremely talented cast and marvelous jokes that you will never forget. Sweet show about two desperately simple guys that just want to find friends and cute girls. Buy Perfect Strangers whole TV series and your home DVD collection will be glad to have such great sitcom.

      This was a great show with the mix of slapstick humor between Larry and Balki. We loved Perfect Strangers because of the contrast between the two main characters, Larry and Balki. Larry was a selfish, conniving man who would sell his mother to make money. Balki was a good, kind immigrant who knew nothing at all of the greedy ways of America. Balki tried to keep Larry on the straight-and-narrow, but Larry was often able to trick Balki into going along with his underhanded schemes because Balki was ignorant. When Balki would find out he had been tricked, he would be hurt, but always forgave Larry. Larry was lucky to have a kind and forgiving friend like Balki because most people would've kicked Larry to the curb if he kept getting them in trouble. Buy Perfect Strangers DVD box set and we guarantee that this TV show will find way to your heart.

      The story lines were great, episodes sometimes had some continuity, and it was by far, one of the most original shows that they have put on TV in the past 2 decades. They all played their characters so amazingly, and we don't think we have ever laughed that hard over a comedy in our lives. Perfect Strangers it’s entire epoch of high-quality jokes, different iconic moments and magical atmosphere of this TV show. You will find this show charming and sweet with amazing characters and unexpected twists. Buy Perfect Strangers and you will never regret about it, we sincerely hope on it.

      That show changed so many lives all around the world; it’s definitely legend between comedies. Perfect strangers is something that always can change your mood and make you look on things from the other point of view. Buy Perfect Strangers and get joy with this amazing TV show.

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Perfect Strangers - Complete DVD collection

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