• Get Smart - The Complete DVD collection

      That TV show is full of bright jokes and original plot that makes your life funnier. Get Smart it’s unserious TV show about serious things. This TV series tells the story of very stupid and silly secret agent that doesn’t know how to do his work properly. That DVD collection will make anything better even if you feel blue and desperate, Get Smart is perfect cure from depression. You will love this TV series because of this easy-going humor, charismatic characters and undescribed plot. Get Smart is absurd comedy that change your attitude to super cool spy detective TV show. Buy Get Smart complete DVD collection and you will be charmed by this fabulous and special comedy.

      Quite simply put, there was never a show like "Get Smart" and there never will be again. It is, in our opinion, television's greatest comedy show and a one of a kind jewel. Running for 5 years on NBC and CBS, the show was a spoof or satire on the spy business right when America was fascinated by "James Bond" and in the grips of cold war. But the show worked because of much more than that. It was brilliantly written, incredibly acted and downright hilarious. We have said in the past that shows like "Get Smart" and "F Troop" paved the way for satires like "Police Squad" and "Naked Gun" and you can see that more than ever when you watch the show today. Still fresh, still funny and still the best example of television genius. Don Adams was the brilliance behind the show as bumbling agent 86, Maxwell Smart. Buy Get Smart TV show and your ordinary life became more special and extraordinary.

      Max was forgetful, clumsy and bumbling but that was his charm and attraction, deep down he would do anything for his country or die trying. Fearless but not flawless, he was our hero. The beautiful Barbara Feldon as agent 99, Max's partner and later wife was the rock that held Max up and helped him in his various assignments. She loved him and would go down with him if she had to. Edward Platt as the "Chief" was Max's foil. He hesitated in giving Max his assignments but deep down despite all the ulcers and aggravation, he knew Max would somehow get the job done. And three cheers for televisions funniest villain, Seigfried, played by the brilliant Bernie Koppel. All in all, a fun, fresh show that you will enjoy watch it with your friends and relatives. Columbia House Re-TV has this classic on video. It's a must see! Buy Get Smart complete DVD box set and this is wonderful way to spend your evening in warm company.

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Get Smart - The Complete DVD collection

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