• The Champions - Complete DVD collection

      That Sci-fi TV show will be your favorite and without any doubts will teach you a lot of useful and interesting things. The Champions is absolutely classic that will blow your mind, that unspecific and original fantastic DVD collection will make you sit and watch this amazingly good TV series. The Champions is perfect choice for people with good taste and who prefer scientific fiction. You will love the cast, atmosphere and plot of this classical and perfectly good DVD collection for whole family. Buy The Champions complete DVD box set and you will be happy with this amazing show.

      What a fantastic show! It's not perfect, but we enjoyed almost every single episode. The set-up: The Champions tells the story of Richard Barrett, Craig Stirling, and Sharron Macready. They are agents for an organization dedicated to law, order, and justice known as Nemesis. During a mission to China, their plane crashed in the mountains of Tibet. They were rescued by a secret civilization, nursed back to health, and given superpowers to use in their work with Nemesis. They keep their powers secret so they can best us them as they see fit. Buy The Champions DVD box set and watch it with your closest people and relatives.

      The Champions stars William Gaunt, Stuart Damon, and Alexandra Bastedo as Richard, Craig, and Sharon. It's a strong core cast. Each of the three main actors brings something different to the show. They are joined by Anthony Nicholls as Tremayne, head of Nemesis. Each week, a new supporting cast was featured that included some very capable actors. Overall, the cast is a real plus to the show. You will be amused by wonderful play of this people and how good they did their works. Buy The Champions TV show and you will like it as much as possible.

      You will never forget this TV series, because of its uniqueness and fabulous plot that full of unexpected twists. You will love how deep and intense this TV show is, you will love all characters, their relationships. They really want get home and find the way to solve all their problems. The Champions is perfectly good mix of sci-fi, drama, comedy and adventures you will love it without any questions. Buy The Champions complete TV show, because it’s really deserve your attention.

      You will get DVD collection in amazing quality with amazing sound and picture, which really matters when we talk about classical TV show. You will love it, we sincerely hope that you will be satisfied.

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The Champions - Complete DVD collection

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