• Third Watch -The Complete DVD collection

      Sometimes we desperately need something that will teach us something new or just will help to understand something really important or will make us believe in something really kind and bright. Third Watch not only a TV show, it’s very good and important TV series that really can change your way of thinking or even lifestyle. If you need something full of meaning and extremely interesting, this DVD collection is definitely for you. That show can make you feel better about our material world and can make you believe in real loyalty, friendship and heroism because such qualities unfortunately are really rare nowadays. Buy Third Watch complete DVD collection and watch this masterpiece with you close and favorite people.

      The third watch is the 3 to 11 shift for a group of police, fire fighters, and EMS workers. Following these people through their shifts and while they're off-duty to a point gives these workers, whom we take for granted, a human face. Portraying the very real closeness and rivalry within the departments and between them is done subtly and without actually being said. It's attention to the lives of the people, both personal and professional, that make this show appealing. Showing how they deal with the everyday horrors that they face and how they can still laugh is a tough thing to do but they manage to do it without making anything that is said or done a cliche. Buy Third Watch and you will understand why this TV show is so well-known and popular during all these years.

      When a member of the EMS is seriously injured, the effect is felt through all of the divisions. An older officer is assigned to be partners with a rookie cop who just happens to be the son of his dead partner. A new EMS worker is upset by his lack of reaction in a crisis situation. Things like this happen that and don't make the news but are things that shape the lives of the people who work every day to protect and save our lives. Great writing, a solid ensemble cast (I'm glad that Michael Beach finally gets to be a good guy), and an ever-present humanity will keep this show on the air into the next century. It's a truly great show and one which will find it's way into the hearts of all those who watch it. Buy Third Watch complete TV series and you will love this amazing and unique action DVD collection that will make you watch it again and again as a maniac.

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Third Watch -The Complete DVD collection

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