• Mad about You - The Complete DVD collection

      This comedy isn’t just funny or have some comical situations, it really has deep meaning and has some important things in the plot. Mad about you it’s charismatic, sweet and fascinating TV series for whole family, that will make every evening more extraordinary and interesting. This TV series is one of the most popular DVD collection in the history, Mad about you has sweetest main idea ever, just married couple that try to make their marriage works. You will love the atmosphere and the main characters, because their real, full of love and care about each other. Buy Mad about you complete DVD collection and this TV series will be your favorite from millions of others.

      "Mad About You" starring Oscar winner Helen Hunt and Emmy/Golden Globe nominee Paul Reiser, is excellent. John Pankow, Anne Ramsey and Leila Kenzle also give fine performances. Even the bad episodes ("The Billionaire", "Two Tickets to Paradise") have funny moments. It's quality television! Paul Reiser is better at comedy than sentimental. A good example is the two-parter "Up in Smoke". But overall, this is a must-watch situation comedy. That TV series is really impressive comedy for whole family that is awesome example of the high-quality comedy with meaning. Buy Mad about You TV series because this sitcom is really worthy.

      That DVD collection has amazing chemistry between main characters Paul and Jamie are very pretty and charming people that have some problems in their marriage life. Nevertheless, they really hard work for their relationships and get into different comical and ironical situations. Mad about You is perfect example of realistic and romantic comedy TV series that can change your attitude to marriage and will teach you so many important things about family and how works real love, and that sometimes everything not pink and sweet, sometimes it’s difficult to be married. Buy Mad about you DVD collection and watch with your soul mate, because it’s really can be useful for your relationships.

      That DVD collection, also will be brilliant present for your close people and relatives, with funny jokes, romantic moments and hilarious main characters, it’s treasure for people who can appreciate it. That love story one of the greatest in American cinematography, you will love it without any doubts. Mad about You it’s not just TV series it’s alive legend that will improve your mood in any hard time situation. Buy Mad about You complete DVD collection and your rest will find new best friend for very long time.

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Mad about You - The Complete DVD collection

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