• I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series

      Sweet and marvelous DVD collection that has magic inside and will charm you from the very first moment. Love story of Jeannie and Tony is fascinating TV couple that has one of the most beautiful romantic story in the American cinematography history. Chemistry inside this extraordinary TV show is something really impressive and deserve your attention. I dream of Jeannie is wonderful example of high-quality situational comedy that will make your entertaining brighter and more interesting. That DVD collection will be brilliant present for your closest people and with really good taste, and sweet sense of humor. Buy I Dream of Jeannie complete DVD box set and this will be your favorite thing without any doubts.

      "I Dream of Jeannie" is a nice, simple, cheerful show that has wonderful plot and amazing characters. The plot is amusing, the location and sets well done, and the main characters are all very likeable. If I had to find a fault with the program, its that the scripts weren't always top-notch. I believe some of the "Jeannie" actors complained about this too. Still, this is an enjoyable show worth watching again. 'I Dream of Jeannie', with the unique (then and even now) concept of the pairing of a genie and an astronaut, is a dream to watch when at its best and is still watchable when it isn't quite. Buy I Dream of Jeannie TV show and you will understand how interesting and important this show is.

      Barbara Eden is beautiful, charming and sensual, you would be hard pressed to find genies portrayed in this way. Larry Hagman's mannerisms are a true joy and Hagman has wonderful comic timing and endearment that is deserving of more credit. His chemistry with Eden is one of a kind, one of television's finest ever chemistries and a huge part of the show's appeal. Their relationships is wonderful example of real friendship, loyalty and kindness. That TV show is amazing way to distract yourself from your everyday routine and troubles. Buy I Dream of Jeannie is something that very hard to forget, you will love the atmosphere of happiness and love, and how main characters really care about each other. That TV series will make you believe in magic and miracles.

      That’s comedy will make everything more interesting and special you will love this TV show and everything that connected with it. I Dream of Jeannie is amazing classy TV series for whole family that will make you a little bit happier.

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I Dream of Jeannie - The Complete Series

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