• Bangkok Hilton: The Complete Series

      Amazing Australian mini TV series with strong emotional background and with powerful main idea, amazing characters and much more you can find in this fabulous TV show. Bangkok Hilton is impressive TV show about very important and interesting things, which will make you think, empathize and make your own conclusions. This sharp, dark and deep story is something that you will never forget. Such complicated and deep emotions and feelings, believe us is so incredibly good that you will forget about everything else in the world. Bangkok Hilton will make you have another look on your life and values, without any doubts it will change your life. Buy Bangkok Hilton complete TV show and you will an owner of the most interesting and highly emotional mini TV series.

      Bangkok Hilton deals with wonderful and pretty young woman Kat Stanton (Nicole Kidman), who is locked up in a jail, in a strange country - after being arrested for trying to take drugs out of the country, without knowing it. A lot of people think of prison as a simple hotel, with locked doors. People who've seen this series know what it's like to be locked up. And not only that, but also what it's like to be in trouble in a strange country whose language you don't speak. And when you think about the fact that you've never done anything against the law in your life, and that someone who pretended to be a kind and helpful person actually used you to get his drugs through the customs, you can probably imagine what kind of trouble you are in. When you think that this poor girl came to this strange country to look for her father, and isn't used to the 'rough' kind of people who are in jail, you'd think that she'll never get out again. Buy Bangkok Hilton DVD box set and you will understand how sometimes life can change everything against you.

      Bangkok Hilton DVD box set is amazing example of high class mini TV series that really worthy, because it’s very deep, dark and realistic. By the way the main role played by young and stunning Nicole Kidman that as we know can make any role brilliant. Amusing mix of play, wonderful plot and amazing and shocking emotions. You will love the atmosphere, deepness of this TV show, every single minute is masterpiece, and for sure, it’s so complicated and fascinating. Buy Bangkok Hilton the complete DVD collection and watch with your closes people it’s really will help you to understand how important people that care about us.

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Bangkok Hilton: The Complete Series

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