• The Equalizer - The Complete Series

      Impressive and very interesting TV series that will get you from the very first moment. Dangerous and skillful main hero wonderful and scary in the same time, his life position and way of thinking, everything in his appearance tell about his confident and power. This show isn’t sweet or has kind main characters, it’s real and brutal, you will love this TV series because it’s so fascinating. The Equalizer is amazing DVD collection that will be interesting for people with good taste. You will never forget this amazing DVD collection your heart will beat harder. Buy The Equalizer complete DVD collection because you really deserve such high-class and wonderful TV show.

      Edward Woodward returned to television, on the other side of the pond, as a different burnt-out secret agent, Robert McCall. McCall bears more than a passing resemblance to David Callan, Woodward's iconic character from his British TV series. He has been used and abused for years, in the shadowy world of espionage, with its murky ethics and high body count. Unlike Callan, he is able to walk away from his masters, when he resigns, after a botched operation leads to the death of is charge. McCall, finding himself finally free of this dark world, decides he wants to do something to make the world better and using the skills that he has, advertises his services in the newspaper, as "The Equalizer," someone who evens the odds for those in trouble. Buy The Equalizer DVD box set and watch this amazing high-emotional TV show you will never regret about buying of this DVD collection.

      The series is one part spy-fi, one part private eye, and one part crime drama. Each week, McCall is contacted by someone in need and he responds, charging no fee (he is independently well off, thanks to information gained in his spy days, which allows him to make shrewd investments). Occasionally, he finds his services required by his old masters, via his former boss (and friend) Control. On other occasions, he uses his relationship with control to gain access to agents and resources of "the Agency" to aid in his mission. You will be charmed by this dynamic crime TV show and will have so much joy with this TV show. You should know that if you start to watch it you will never stop until to the very end, because it’s like a good-quality drug for your mind and mood. Buy The Equalizer complete TV show and it’s will be your favorite way of spending the time, that DVD collection is star of crime and spy TV shows.

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The Equalizer - The Complete Series

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