• Gimme a Break! Complete DVD collection

      Cool comedy that will make you laugh as hard as possible. Extraordinary and fresh TV show that make everything better and more positive. Gimme a break! Is TV show that will never make you feel lonely. Comedy full of positive moments and original jokes will change every your evening. That show has so many interesting moments, bright emotions and fascinating stories. Gimme a break! You will love this show and without any doubts you deserve to watch this wonderful TV show with your closest friends and relatives. Buy Gimme a break! Complete TV show is perfect choice for people with good taste and sense of humor.

      This was and to this day is still one of my all time favorite sitcoms of the eighties. Nell Carter was absolutely magnificent. Nell Carter as an overweight housekeeper, a devout guardian to 3 teenage white girls and a force not to be reckoned with whenever she dealt with the Chief of Police - Carl Kanisky, pretty well sums up what this 1980s sitcom is about. This was a reasonably funny comedy starring Nell Carter. A very young Joey Lawrence also appeared in it as a young street-hustler-turned-foster-kid-for-the-family. It was basic fare for a sitcom, featuring the cute kids, family values, and little lessons learned at the end of each episode. In the show, the chief of police's wife has just died, and he asks Nell (Nell Carter) to come in and work for him, helping him raise his three daughters in the process. Nell becomes sort of a mother figure for the girls, and everyone tries to learn from each other. Buy Gimme a break! Is comedy that will change your way of thinking completely. Touching family TV show that will teach you how to be more confident and kind person.

      Gimme a break! Is DVD collection that will be interesting for people of all ages. That show has great impact on people all around the world. You will love the atmosphere and main characters with their extraordinary ideas and sparkling jokes. That show will change your life and you can make some important decisions. Gimme a break! That show is really worthy and have everything that you want from good comedy.  Story of true love between woman and kids, is the most beautiful thing in the world. This show will make you believe in important things, like love, care and kindness. Buy Gimme a break! In addition, this TV show can make your life better and more interesting. This show is definitely right DVD collection if you looking for something impressive.

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Gimme a Break! Complete DVD collection

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