• Route 66: The Complete Series

      Adventurous story of two friends that travel around America, met new people, and have some interesting times. We all like such stories when just car, two bright characters and their amazing adventurous. Tod Stiles played by Martin Milner and Buz Murdock by George Maharis will make your evening much more entertaining. They have some amazing wise moments that can teach us something important and make us think about something that really matters. Route 66 is very fascinating TV series that will make you laugh, cry and sometimes even tremble from fear or excitement. Buy Route 66 complete TV series and you will be a new fan of this extremely interesting and well-known DVD collection.

      Route 66 remains television's greatest series ever. The combination of an engaging duo, solid writing (most of the time), fresh locations, theme music, and the Corvette, provided three astounding seasons. The show generated a unique mood and atmosphere that has never been duplicated on TV since. You will love the atmosphere and chemistry between main characters, the way how they communicate with each other and people around. This was one of those special "shocker" moments in 60's TV series: writing that showed actual thought, lines that snapped your head back, diction at once poetic and didactic.... Everything in that time were so unique and special that’s why you will like it. Buy Route 66 whole TV series is amazing choice for your home collection.

      We believe that this TV show is prototype of Supernatural TV series and maybe even better because this TV series is more realistic and natural. You will like Buz and Tod and their amazing relation, how they support and help each other. This show teach us a lot of important things like real friendship, support and how important family is. People that don’t have parents, relatives and even home sometimes seem more rich that we are. Route 66 is interesting, highly emotional TV series for whole family. Buy Route 66 complete DVD collection and you will fall in love with this amazing TV series.

      Route 66 is excellent TV series to spend quite evening alone or in company of good friends. You will like the atmosphere of this TV show because it’s really unique and rare. Route 66 it’s something that should watch every person because it’s so extraordinary and good. Buy Route 66 complete DVD collection will be amazing present for your closest people, believe us you will love it without any doubts.

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Route 66: The Complete Series

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