• Max Headroom: The Complete Series

      The first TV show that show us how really cyberpunk should look like. Max Headroom is legendary DVD collection that can make you sit and watch that show non-stop; you will love the main idea and charismatic characters. You will like the main idea, nearest future Television is run the world. Max Headroom is reporter that investigate different mysteries with the help of his friends, colleges and computerized version of himself. That show is very unusual and has original plot and marvelous cast. That show will make you think about so many important things. Buy Max Headroom TV show and you will be charmed by this extraordinary TV show.

      "Max Headroom" was the first cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic TV show EVER (way back in 1987). Max Headroom was a film made especially for the UK's Channel 4 in 1984. The story is basically about an investigative journalist called Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) and his TV station Bosses. When Carter comes across a conspiracy inside his own TV station, he sets about to find the truth. In the meantime, bosses decide to remove him from the air, and replace him with a computer copy(Max). The problem is, he won't lie down and die.That DVD collection is amazing present for huge fans of this genre and people who like high-quality sci-fi TV series. Buy Max Headroom complete collection and you will never regret about it.

      You will be impressed by quality and deep meaning of this TV show, Max Headroom is perfect choice if you want something special and extraordinary with unexpected twists. That show will make you watch it, believe in some unbelievable things. Max Headroom is entire epoch that can make everything better, your mood and lifestyle. That DVD collection one of the greatest in the American cinematography history and will find way to your heart without any questions. Buy Max Headroom complete DVD box set and you will love the atmosphere and main idea of this magnificent and wonderful TV show.

      That cyberpunk masterpiece is definitely will be interesting for people with good taste and deep love to sci-fi movies. You will love Matt Frewer and his brilliant acting work, that show has huge army of fans all around the world. That DVD collection will be your favorite in your home DVD collection. Believe us that TV series deserve your attention and you and your closest friends and relatives will love it without any doubts. Buy Max Headroom and make every your evening magical and unforgettable.  

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Max Headroom: The Complete Series

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