• Have Gun - Will Travel - The Complete TV Series

      This classical western will make anyone watch it non-stop and you will never forget this extremely interesting TV series. Have gun – will Travel and this wonderful TV show is perfect way to spend every your evening special and magical. That DVD collection amazing action with elements of drama and comedy. Wonderful and complicated DVD collection for whole family with marvelous plot and extraordinary characters. Have Gun – Will Travel is example of high-quality and interesting TV series. Story of gunfighter Wire Paladin and his amazing life time story will make your evening interesting and powerful. Buy Have gun - Will Travel complete DVD collection that will be your treasure and favorite thing.

      Have Gun - Will Travel is iconic in itself. It was sharp, well written, taut, well acted and, most often, well directed. As at least one other reviewer has mentioned, many of the episodes were darker than your average western series. It suited the name of the show, the way Paladin dressed and talked (including the poetry and prose he frequently quoted). It was both timely and timeless. Buy Have Gun – Will Travel and watch it with friends and relatives, you will never forget such good TV series.

      The basic idea was simple: someone needed a gunslinger and wired Paladin; but more often than not they didn't get quite what they expected. Rather than a cold killer, they found they had hired a man with a strong moral compass who while was not averse to killing, but did so reluctantly and only when all other avenues had become blind alleys. Perhaps it was just the appeal of Richard Boone who wasn't handsome but had that kind of "persona" we associate today with actors like Daniel Craig. Most of the episodes stand up well, unfortunately in reruns they tend to chop off the opening comments of Boone's voice over as he pulled his gun out of the holster and set the tone for the episode. Even truncated, Have Gun is still a good watch. Buy Have Gun – Will Travel and this extremely interesting TV show will be your guilty pleasure.

      That TV show has impressive impact on modern society and has millions of fans all around the world. Paladin is example of strong, confident and well-educated gentleman with good manners, and he is smart, wise and brilliant man with strong life position. Buy Have Gun – Will Travel complete TV series and this character will be your best friend for a very long time.

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Have Gun - Will Travel - The Complete TV Series

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