• Green Acres - The Complet Series

Very extraordinary, comical and sweet TV series that has amazing influence on society and of course on your mood. This hilarious TV show is something that you desperately need in your home DVD collection if you have good sense of humor and enough courage to watch such brilliant comedy. You should remember that this sitcom is legend you will never forget the atmosphere and jokes that so hilarious. Green Acres will change your mood in better way in any hard time situation. That TV show is remarkable piece of art that will make your home DVD collection marvelous and great. Buy Green Acres complete TV show and you will think about life more positively and with great humor.

      What kind of man in his right state of mind would give up a successful career as an attorney trial lawyer in a exclusive Manhattan law firm and move to the country and become a farmer? Who in their right state of mind would move from a upscale New York apartment on Park Avenue to somewhere out in the middle of nowhere country to run a farm in a place called Hooterville? Only dreamer with wonderful luck and bright thoughts can do such things, this exclusive sitcom is about real dreamers that know how important sometimes to be yourself, but this TV series will show you how far dreams can bring you. Oliver Douglass and his charming and sweet wife Lisa will bring you so much joy and happiness. Buy Green Acres TV show and you will find the cure from boring and routine.

      Eddie Albert was very good as Oliver Douglass,the man who put up with kooky characters and outrageous people...Eva Gabor played his wife Lisa on the show who was beautiful as she was but everywhere else she was not so very bright when it came to household chores. Other characters included Mr. Douglass' assistant Eb(Tom Lester) who was the equivalent of Jethro Bodine when it came to brains(if he had some); Mr. Haney(Pat Buttram) was the biggest film-flam con artist in the history of television...the one who would sell anything just to make good and then some....and let's not forget the county extension agent Hank Kimball(Alvy Moore) who was just as forgetful and dumb as he looks. Sam Drucker(Frank Cady) ran to town's general store and post office. Buy Green Acres complete TV series and this decision will never make you regret about this. Buy Green Acres complete TV series and you will be charmed by this amazing DVD collection.

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Green Acres - The Complet Series

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