• China Beach: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

         What do you know about Vietnam War? What do you know about people who were there? Is that was only about pain and violence or something much more? All answers you can find in brilliant, heart-breaking, extremely emotional TV show China Beach! It even something more that just DVD collection, it’s entire epoch, that completely changed modern TV space. Buy China Beach TV show and you will dive in this amazing adventures with nurse Colleen McMurphy and her crew.

         TV show about Vietnam war lead by female main character is something that really can get your attention. Completely new point of you on this world disaster,   that make you experience this tragedy in whole new way. From very beginning, we meet dynamic trio of McMurphy, Cherry, and Laurette. Nurse Colleen McMurphy is amazing woman, who show us great courage, self-sacrifice and strength. Orphan Laurette Barber (Chloe Webb) is a USO entertainer all that connected to her is amazingly funny and interesting. Also, you will be charmed by Cherry White who is the cutest Red Cross volunteer aka "doughnut dolly" from Iowa who is looking for her MIA brother.

         This show is great example of medical drama which included real life stories about Vietnam War. The screen writers John Sacret Young and William Dodson "Bill" Broyles, Jr. who served as a marine in Vietnam, made show unbelievably realistic and touching. China Beach is the kind of staff that really make you feel all the pain and sorrow of that time, but despite all the tragedy this DVD collection will bring you so much joy. While watching it, it made you intensely feel what it was like to be there; We could feel how every moment and every individual counts. You could also feel how relationships are exquisite and intense when you daily face life or death. Buy China Beach whole TV series and have your best time with amazing plot and believable characters.

         Such DVD exclusive gift for you or your closest people, everything that you hear about China Beach is definitely a true. It’s really one of the greatest TV shows of  twenties century, that make you fall in love with each character and plot twist. You will get undescrible amount of pleasure and fun. You should know that China Beach is thing that you never know you need. Please, buy China Beach and you really never regret about it.

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China Beach: The Complete Series DVD Box Set

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